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Making it Right After Getting it “Wrong”

by: Sara Hinkle, Jennifer R. Keup, & Jodi Koslow Martin

As we have referenced before, this blog is the descendant of an ongoing Women’s Leadership Book Club in which most of the regular #SAFeminist contributors engage. Our most recent book selection literally started with the daunting questions “When did you make a mistake in your career and what did you learn from it?” The rest of the book, aptly titled Mistakes I Made at Work: 25 Influential Women Reflect on What They Got Out of Getting it Wrong, is dedicated to sharing the stories told in response to that question for a number of female leaders from a wide range of professions, including Kim Gordon (bassist and founding member of Sonic Youth), Ruth Reichl (La Times and New York Times food critic, author, and editor of Gourmet magazine), Carol S. Dweck (Stanford psychology professor and motivation researcher), and Dr. Cori Lathan (Founder and CEO of the engineering research and design firm, AnthroTronix).

Reading the very real, sometimes embarrassing, occasionally painful stories was a fascinating and enlightening experience. Especially because it was such a raw insight into the taboo topic of women making mistakes, for which we rarely allow or forgive ourselves due to stringent and typically unrealistic expectations of women that are often self-inflicted but socially endorsed. Continue reading Making it Right After Getting it “Wrong”

Book Review of Composing a Life (1989) by Mary Catherine Bateson

by Jennifer R. Keup

As many of you know, this blog was born out of a women’s leadership book club. Over the past two years, we have read a number of titles and Composing a Life (1989) by Mary Catherine Bateson was our latest selection and the first we have read since launching this blog. As such, I wanted to review this book as a blog post, recommend it for individual or book club reading lists, and invite discussion about its content and themes.

Before I review this book, it is worth describing how I selected it for our group or, rather, how it was selected for me. At a recent conference, I had the pleasure of crossing paths with a female colleague and mentor who is more advanced than me in years and professional experience.

Continue reading Book Review of Composing a Life (1989) by Mary Catherine Bateson