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Why Feminism Is In My Best Interest As a Man

by Keith E. Edwards

I don’t call myself a feminist. It’s not because I don’t value, support, and aspire to feminist aims and goals; I do. I don’t call myself a feminist for two reasons. First, I’m mindful of a history of men appropriating feminist and women’s movements for their own benefit and credit. Second, I am troubled by those from dominant groups who self-identify as allies in general and feminists specifically. As a man, my privilege blinds me to so much of my own socialized and internalized sexism that in spite of my best intentions, I can never be sure if I’m effective in my efforts to support feminist aims. I’d rather individuals who experience sexism and identify as feminists determine who is (and if I am) an effective ally. In the meantime, I aspire to be an ally and feminist. When those who experience systemic sexism call me a feminist, I take it as an enormous compliment.

Feminism is not anti-man, rather it is anti-patriarchy (hooks, 2004). That is a BIG difference. Battle of the Sexes was a crappy show on MTV, not a solution to the very real problems facing people of all genders. Continue reading Why Feminism Is In My Best Interest As a Man


Three Simple Steps for Men to Engage Resistant Men in Feminist Dialogue

by Craig Bidiman

I’ve had a few interesting interactions with men over the last two years during my insurgence into the realm of studying and advocating for healthier masculinities. One topic that constantly arises is feminism.

Feminism is an interesting topic in the masculinities realm because I have found that some men are quite resistant to identify as a feminist.

Feminism—simply put—is advocating for gender equity. For all.

And men—simply put—are not good at sharing. At all.

Even though men are often not good at sharing, I have faith we can share feminist dialogue with each other. Yet, in order be effective, I have found that the conversation must go through three distinct steps. Continue reading Three Simple Steps for Men to Engage Resistant Men in Feminist Dialogue

Digging Deeper:  Men Doing Feminist Work

by Sean Eddington

John McCarroll, writer for Sherights, asserts, “men are given a privileged place in the feminist movement, one where they are praised for simply not being terrible and their much-vaunted power remains intact.”  I have become acutely aware of this privilege that comes with the status of the “Feminist Man” within the feminist movement.  There is a level of added admiration, adoration, and even legitimacy.  It’s as if healthy expressions of emotions, supporting and advocating for women’s rights and equity, and working, etc., gives me an edge or makes me more worthy of the “feminist” label (either self-ascribed or prescribed to me by my feminist sisters). (Spoiler alert:  It doesn’t.)  I still struggle with biases and recognize that there is much more work to be done.  Self-work is one piece, but creating an activist narrative and moving beyond knowledge-sharing is still a real struggle for me.

Continue reading Digging Deeper:  Men Doing Feminist Work

An Open Letter to Twitter & #SAFeminist Activists

by Zebulun Davenport

I am new to social media. I joined Twitter in January, 2014 and in this short time, I’ve made several observations. Candidly, I read a lot of good information and I generally appreciate the content. But, what I would really love to see is somebody say is “I read this Tweet, blog, or article and it made a difference for me.” Consequently, I have changed my thoughts my words and my actions.

So, I opted to write for the #SAFeminist blog because, I see this as a space for dialogue and discussion. Discussions of which I want to be a contributing member, not just a passive reader/observer.

Let me begin by contextualizing this for you, I am the son of a feminist; when being a feminist (in the 50s-60s) was not popular or “in vogue.” Continue reading An Open Letter to Twitter & #SAFeminist Activists