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Women and Power

by Brenda McKenzie

What happens when you hear the word “power”? A typical response is that power is “bad,” that it is something that uncaring leaders wield to get what they want. For me, as a woman, I had these same thoughts and feelings. Power is about manipulation and I am not a manipulator. Several experiences I have had in the past year have changed my mind about the concept of power and its role for women in leadership.

Last spring I took a class on power and politics. I admit to going into the class with a negative attitude toward the concept of power. I saw it as manipulation and negative, and many of the examples we initially read about confirmed my views. As the course progressed, I began to examine my perceptions and think more critically about what power means, to me as a leader in general, but also to me as a woman. I came to realize that my views about power were shaped by political and societal actions aimed at telling me, as a woman, what I could and could not do. Continue reading Women and Power