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An Open Letter to Twitter & #SAFeminist Activists

by Zebulun Davenport

I am new to social media. I joined Twitter in January, 2014 and in this short time, I’ve made several observations. Candidly, I read a lot of good information and I generally appreciate the content. But, what I would really love to see is somebody say is “I read this Tweet, blog, or article and it made a difference for me.” Consequently, I have changed my thoughts my words and my actions.

So, I opted to write for the #SAFeminist blog because, I see this as a space for dialogue and discussion. Discussions of which I want to be a contributing member, not just a passive reader/observer.

Let me begin by contextualizing this for you, I am the son of a feminist; when being a feminist (in the 50s-60s) was not popular or “in vogue.” Continue reading An Open Letter to Twitter & #SAFeminist Activists