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Digging Deeper:  Men Doing Feminist Work

by Sean Eddington

John McCarroll, writer for Sherights, asserts, “men are given a privileged place in the feminist movement, one where they are praised for simply not being terrible and their much-vaunted power remains intact.”  I have become acutely aware of this privilege that comes with the status of the “Feminist Man” within the feminist movement.  There is a level of added admiration, adoration, and even legitimacy.  It’s as if healthy expressions of emotions, supporting and advocating for women’s rights and equity, and working, etc., gives me an edge or makes me more worthy of the “feminist” label (either self-ascribed or prescribed to me by my feminist sisters). (Spoiler alert:  It doesn’t.)  I still struggle with biases and recognize that there is much more work to be done.  Self-work is one piece, but creating an activist narrative and moving beyond knowledge-sharing is still a real struggle for me.

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